1. Water damage cannot always be detected by the human eye.
2. Any type of category of water can cause major extensive damage whether the source is clean, dirty/sewage or outside rain water.
3. If you suspect there is any water damage DO NOT try to investigate or handle the matter yourself. Call a professional certified water damage company to come survey.
(We provide a free survey/assessment.)
4. Just because you may not have standing water, this does not mean you do not have a problem.
5. Call immediately to have any damages handled, it only takes 24 hours for microbial growth (MOLD) to start. This will reduce the risk of secondary damages to your home or any cross contamination if there is any microbial growth, bacteria, or pathogens. Do not wait, most companies are 24/7. Waiting only makes the problem worse, and can even in some cases cause your insurance company to deny coverage due to negligence.

6. Do not blow fans on any water damage unless instructed by a certified professional. In many cases this can make the situation worse.
For example if there is bacteria and pathogens in a swerage water loss blowing air on the area will only cause more cross contamination throughout the home.
7. Do not touch the water or any building materials affected if you are unaware of the origination or type of source. Stay clear of wet areas.
8. Water damage and microbial growth (mold) restoration should only be performed by a fully certified company that holds certifications by the IICRC such as the WRT (Water restoration tech)
and AMRT certified to do so and therefore do not always properly restore your property and can many times make the situation dangerous for the homeowner or cause more prolonged damage.
Do yourself a favor and hire a certified water damage company. Many of these companies also have special equipment that can detect water damage that you will not be able to see behind walls or in other hard to reach areas.
9. Some visual signs of water/mold damage other than obvious standing water are: bubbling sheet rock, raised or buckled floor, musty smells, condensation, black or discolored spots, high/abnormal humidity levels etc.
10. Once a certified water damage company provides an assessment they will be able to advise you whether or not the damages are worth opening an insurance claim with your insurance company. If advised to do so, DO NOT hesitate and call immediately, the sooner you report the damage the better.